Our Site is Getting its Princess Diaries Makeover Moment

If you love an early 2000's "girl takes off her glasses, gets a blowout and is suddenly hot" makeover, then you'll want to check back here soon.

Ready to turn your website dreams into reality? Well, buckle up because we're about to hand you the keys to a streamlined process that finally puts you in the driver's seat.

Launch Your Website with Confidence


With The Launch Club, you'll have everything you need to confidently launch and maintain your website.

Join the Launch Club

Unlock The Launch Club's powerful resources for free with the purchase of any full Kinhouse Made template

That's right – get everything you need to launch and maintain your website at no extra cost. It's our way of ensuring you have the support and guidance you deserve every step of the way!

Whether you're kicking off a brand new website or giving your current one a fresh coat of paint, The Launch Club is your next best step for guidance, support, and expert advice.

Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to confidently taking control of your website. Let's kick confusion to the curb and hit that publish button.

The Launch Club is your Next Best Step

Here's What's Inside the Launch Club

Launch with Confidence Course

Our comprehensive course will guide you from purchase to launch, covering everything from setting up your template to optimizing your site for long-term success. 

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Support from Designer Coaches

Get support from us and our team of designer coaches. Whether you're feeling stuck or seeking feedback, we're here to help. Get out of the google search black hole and get your questions answered by our vetted Showit designers.

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The Launch Club Hub

aka - The Clubhouse! This is where you'll find your course material, the Designer Coaches, and our Launch Club Community. Hosted on Circle (not just another dead facebook group). 

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The Launch Club is For You If...

You're itching to raise your website up to the level it deserves to be on.

Tired of playing small? It's time to give your services or products the space they need to reach your ideal customer.

You're fed up with feeling overwhelmed by the web design process and need some dang help.

Ever feel like web design is more headache than worth it? But deep down you KNOW you need a great website? We hear you. The Launch Club is your trusted guide, here to simplify the process and ease your mind. (And start converting leads into customers while you sleep)

You want to launch your website with confidence and keep it running smoothly for the long haul.

Launching a website can feel like a black hole of Google searches and smashing your face into your keyboard. But it doesn't have to. The Launch Club was created to equip you as the business owner to launch and maintain your website for serious success and momentum.

The Internet Never Sleeps, and Neither Should your Visibility.

A killer website does more than just show you off; it makes you stick in people’s minds. It's your chance to nail that first impression every single time.

Here's the deal: You want to be found easily, earn trust in a heartbeat, and be the name that keeps popping up in their thoughts.


Join the Launch Club

Don't Let your First Hello be a Missed Opportunity

Craft a website that turns heads, wins hearts, and keeps your brand front and center. Your personal brand and business can’t afford to be the best-kept secret on the internet.

Ready to stand out? Let’s make your website the talk of the town.

Join the Launch Club

Already have a website you love? We let anyone sit at our table! You can join the Launch Club for a one time fee.


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Purchase a full template* from Kinhouse made and get the Launch Club for free when we open the doors on May 3rd.


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Two Ways to Join the Launch Club

*Only available with full Showit template purchases. Not valid with an Add On or Flip Kit purchase.

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