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The Pricing Guide Showit Add On Template

Transform your pricing strategy with our Pricing Guide Add-on Template. Whether you offer services or products, this template provides a clear and visually appealing layout to showcase your pricing tiers effectively. Elevate your sales process and streamline customer decision-making with this essential add-on.


Use this Add On with any existing Showit website or use it as a standalone landing page. Click here to learn more.

Add On Templates

Adding a new offer or ready to finally launch your blog? That's where add-on templates come in.They're ready-made upgrades for your site, easily added with just a few clicks. No need to start over; seamlessly integrate the additions you need with an add on template

If you have a website template

How it works

Add-on templates make it super easy to get started. Just pick the add-on template you need, click a few buttons, and your website is ready to go. Whether you're starting a business or launching a blog, add-on templates simplify the process, so you can focus on sharing your content.

If you don't have a website template

Is an Add on Template Right for you?

You Love Your Current Website, but You Need a Little More

If your Showit website already feels established but you find yourself needing additional features, an add-on template is the perfect solution. It seamlessly integrates with your existing site, making it easy to add new pages or features like a shop, sales page, podcast, or blog without starting from scratch. This ensures your website grows with your needs effortlessly.

You're Just Getting Started

Sometimes, it’s better to start with what you need. If you're beginning from scratch with your website and seeking a simple solution to establish yourself online quickly, an add-on template could be perfect, especially if handling 20+ pages feels overwhelming right now. 

Your Needs are Straightforward and You're Ready to Go

If you prefer a straightforward solution and want to launch your website quickly, an add-on template is ideal. With minimal setup, you can have your site up and running in no time, focusing on sharing your content and engaging with your audience.


Our Customers

Kind Words from

I can't recommend them enough! I've experienced impeccable designs + fast, thoughtful responses when I had questions. You can tell how much love and care goes into their work!

Not only are their designs top-tier, but the Kinhouse team has been so attentive, even after the sale. You can't beat this quality, budget, and team!

Ocean P.


This exceeded my expectations in every way possible.

Where do I begin?? I guess, I’ll start here: Their customer service is top shelf, and the design is so cute, functional and playful. Exactly what I needed. I’m new to this whole custom design for ShowIt so it’s so nice to have a face to connect with for help on the back end. 10/10!

Katie c.


Total game changer for my website!

Experience a website transformation with The Launch Club – your key to overcoming website overwhelm. With unparalleled support and guidance, confidently navigate the launch and maintenance of your website with ease.

Unlock The Launch Club

Unlock The Launch Club's powerful resources for free with the purchase of any full Kinhouse Made template.

That's right – get everything you need to launch and maintain your website at no extra cost when you buy a full Kinhouse Made template. It's our way of ensuring you have the support and guidance you deserve every step of the way!

Option one

Don't need a full Showit website template? Join the Launch Club for just $497

Feeling stuck with your current website? Don't worry – The Launch Club has got your back, regardless of whether you have a Kinhouse Made website or not. Join today and unlock the resources designed to propel your website where it deserves to be. Say goodbye to website overwhelm and hello to confident, successful website management. Join The Launch Club now and take control of your website.

Option two

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