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Easily change out fonts, colors, logos, and tweak both the mobile and desktop layouts to look exactly as you want them to. The power to design the website of your dreams is finally in your hands!

showit is a drag and drop website builder unlike anything you've seen before

What is Showit?

What Is A Flip Kit?

It's not your average add on

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We've taken the “Add on Template” and given it the twist it needed to work even better for YOU. By combining a Flip Kit with one of our templates, you can niche down even further. This means more personalized, more targeted, and more effective websites that speak directly to your target audience.

Small Changes. Big Impact.

The changes brought by a Flip Kit might seem simple – a tweak in the layout, a new feature addition, or a stylistic change – but their impact is BIG. They elevate a standard website into a niche-specific powerhouse, effectively enhancing both its aesthetic appeal and functional capacity.

This exceeded my expectations in every way possible.

Alina P.

Total game changer for my website!

Our Customers

Kind Words from

Ashley B.

Where do I begin?? I guess, I’ll start here: Their customer service is top shelf, and the design is so cute, functional and playful. Exactly what I needed. I’m new to this whole custom design for ShowIt so it’s so nice to have a face to connect with for help on the back end. Definitely recommend her shop! 10/10!


I can't recommend them enough! I've experienced impeccable designs + fast, thoughtful responses when I had questions. You can tell how much love and care goes into their work!

Not only are their designs top-tier, but the Kinhouse team has been so attentive, even after the sale. You can't beat this quality, budget, and team!

Ocean P.

Do You need a flip kit?

Here are the Signs Your Website Could Use a Flip Kit

  • You love the aesthetic of our website, but it's not converting
  • You've added to or restructured your offers
  • Your website needs more clarity
  • You feel like you're missing important pages and sections
  • You just know you need a lil extra sparkle

Doesn't Sound Like You?

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Lead in to Launch Club Easily change out fonts, colors, logos, and tweak both the mobile and desktop layouts to look exactly as you want them to.

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The June template

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The June template

The June template

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